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Bend the Rules

Why take rules as concrete, unbendable, unbreakable concepts? Sure, rules are important for establishing a framework for us to work within, but why shouldn't we test the boundaries of those rules? Find out which ones will bend a little bit and even b...
July 26, 2014|Permalink

Unconventional Wisdom

Unconventional wisdom. Why do some people succeed by unconventional means where the rest of us fail?...
Jan 22, 2014|Permalink

The Secret to Success

The secret to success is no secret at all. Its about knowing your goal, keeping that goal in mind, and performing the steps necessary to reach that goal. ...
April 18, 2013|Permalink

Why You Should Always Be Testing Your Assumptions

How do you know if your beliefs are true? This is a story about challenging those beliefs and finding out that sometimes they are just flat wrong....
Feb 24, 2013|Permalink

Social Patterns: The Communication Loop

Its no surprise that lots of software apps these days are integrating more social features. Its easy to spot some of the basic patterns which make them work. One common patterns is the "communication loop."...
August 19, 2012|Permalink

Expandable User Interface For Dynamic Content

Designing a user interface for user generated content can sometimes be a challenge. You just never know how much space to allocate a section before slapping a 'more' button at the bottom. The following demo is a potential solution when user generated...
June 10, 2012|Permalink

Fotoblur Labs: HTML5 Magazine

What is Fotoblur Labs? Think magazine. Its a playground for enjoying great photography in an innovative user interface. It pushes the browser into new territories and opens up doors for new and exiting ways to present information....
April 6, 2012|Permalink

Startup Minutia

Haven't read much on Hacker News about the daily minutia of running an online side business / startup at a "one man" shop.

But does this list of activities sound about right to you?...
Jan 21, 2012|Permalink

Fotoblur Badge

This holiday season I've been spending some time developing some new features for Fotoblur. This widget allows any member to display a portion of their gallery on their own blog or website....
Jan 1, 2012|Permalink

Social Interaction Tells Us We Exist

In our world, like it or not, we need each other to validate our own existence. We need to tell each other our ideas, our fears, our problems, and our occasional triumphs. It gives us reassurance and validation that our ideas are real, that we are re...
Oct 25, 2011|Permalink

Hey You, Don't Waste Your Life

You won't get today back ever...EVER! Really think about that. Don't lie dormant. Your days are limited. Maybe you've got a week, a month, a year left. Then, life moves on without you....
Oct 14, 2011|Permalink

What Do You Stand For?

Apple inspires us to Think Different. Nike urges us to Just Do It. Sony says Believe that anything you imagine, you can make real. The common thread is successful companies believe in more than just creating stuff! They have a mission.

Oct 7, 2011|Permalink

People Matter More Than Stats

Bragging about your website's stats, or how many new members you've signed up this week, or your latest press articles is cool, right?

I'm of the opinion that a website's traffic stats and member counts don't matter much unless you change ...
Oct 5, 2011|Permalink

Laws of Productivity

If you think crunch times are a great idea, and working 12+ hour days plus weekends is commendable, then you might be interested in what corporations and scientific studies have reported on the subject.

Laws of Productivity: 8 productivity...
Sept 13, 2011|Permalink

How to Successfully Procrastinate

Work, work, work. Everyone I know is obsessed with it. People today are too concerned with how they can become more productive. What they really need to learn is how to successfully procrastinate.
Sept 3, 2011|Permalink

Attention to Detail

When details are perfected, a user experience can be quite enjoyable. For example, Apple's laptop sleep indicator mimics the rhythm of breathing which is psychologically appealing. Fine dining restaurants replace silverware between each course. Car d...
July 28, 2011|Permalink

What You Don't Do

Sometimes it is what you don't do which defines you. It is the negative space that shapes your life.

It is the things you don't say, the decisions you don't make, the actions you don't take.

These things can set you apart from t...
July 20, 2011|Permalink

Followers are Paralyzed by Inaction

Few things feels worse then when your competition does something you recognize as a good idea. Possibly a worse feeling is when you had the same idea but didn't act on it.

We all have great ideas which break from the norm. However, for one...
July 11, 2011|Permalink

Everything You Did This Week was Meaningless

How many things did you accomplished this week that meant a damn? Better yet, how would you even know?

If there was at least one, you are among the lucky few. Whatever that one thing was, learn how to repeat it and do it some more....
July 10, 2011|Permalink

Simpler is Better

The thought of less doing more, or better, is fascinating to me. Whether I’m writing code, designing a webpage, or writing this article, I remind myself, how can I make it simpler and still retain its core meaning and purpose.

I think it i...
July 10, 2011|Permalink

Focus Means Simplifying

When you have focus you get things done quicker and better. When you don’t you squander your time and efforts.

Focus provides clarity. With clarity, solutions to problems are found more easily and complexity is reduced.

Focus me...
July 10, 2011|Permalink

Change Your Mental Perspective

Sometimes you can improve your results by simply changing how you look at a situation. However, a mental perspective change on its own does nothing. The key is that by changing your mental perspective your actions will likely change to align with it....
July 1, 2011|Permalink

Companies Suffer from ADHD

In an ADHD company, disasters and crises constantly occur. Meetings get called and priorities are changed, often. Distractions are constant. Changes in planning, direction, and priority are the norm rather than the exception.

Do you work a...
June 30, 2011|Permalink

Do the Opposite

While doing the opposite I started to see that there were other ways of approaching a problem. The conscious effort to do something in an opposite way led to a different outcome, but an outcome which I knew I caused intentionally. Doing the opposite ...
June 27, 2011|Permalink